DEAD KENNEDYS es una de las bandas de hard-rock-punk que más me gustan, se formaron como BANDOTOTOTOTA a finales de los 70´s, esto cuando Raymond Pepperell Jr y el gran Jello Biafra se conocieron, después contactaron a Klaus Flouride, luego a Geoffrey Lyall y después a 6025 -Carlos Cadona-, y finalmente al gran baterista Ted Bruce Selsinger.

La verdad es que no soy de aquellos que piensan que los Dead Kennedys murieron cuando salió Jello Biafra, estos tíos me siguen gustando mucho.

Aquí les dejamos los discos, que los disfruten y que viva el MAL y los DEAD KENNEDYS…

1978 - Demo

01.Kepone Kids
02.Forward To Death
03.California Uber Alles
04.Your Emotions
05.Kill The Poor
06.Holiday in Cambodia
08.Man With The Dogs
09.I Kill Children
10.Dreadlocks of Suburbs
12.Mutations Of Today
13.Cold Fish
14.Forward To Death
15.Viva las Vegas


1980 - Holidays in West Runton

01. The man with the dogs
02. When ya get drafted
03. Stealing People's Mail
04. Kill The Poor
05. Funland At The Beach
06. California Uber Alles
07. Halloween
08. Police Truck
09. Bleed For
10. Too Drunk To Fuck
11. Holiday In Cambodia

1980 - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

1.Kill the Poor
2.Forward to Death
3.When Ya Get Drafted
4.Let's Lynch the Landlord
5.Drug Me
6.Your Emotions
7.Chemical Warfare
8.California Über Alles
9.I Kill Children
10.Stealing People's Mail
11.Funland at the Beach
12.Ill in the Head
13.Holiday in Cambodia
14.Viva Las Vegas


1982 - In God We Trust, Inc [EP]

1.Religious Vomit
2.Moral Majority
3.Hyperactive Child
4.Kepone Factory
5.Dog Bite
6.Nazi Punks Fuck Off
7.We've Got a Bigger Problem Now


1982 - Plastic Surgery Disasters

1.Government Flu 3:02
2.Terminal Preppie 1:32
3.Trust Your Mechanic 2:57
4.Well Paid Scientist 2:23
5.Buzzbomb 2:25
6.Forest Fire 2:23
7.Halloween 3:38
8.Winnebego Warrior 2:10
9.Riot 6:00
10.Bleed for Me 3:26
11.I Am the Owl 4:54
12.Dead End 3:58
13.Moon Over Marin 4:27


1982 - A Skateboard Party (en vivo)

1. holiday in cambodia
2. let's lynch the landlord
3. chemical warfare
4. nazi punks fuck off
5. we've got a bigger problem now
6. too drunk to fuck
7. kill the poor
8. man with the dog
9. forward to death
10. kepone factory
11. life sentence
12. trust your mechanic
13. moral majority
14. forest fire
15. winnebago warrior
16. police jerk
17. bleed for me


1984 – Never Been In MTV

1 Police Truck
2 Hop with The Jet Set
3 A Child and His Lawnmower
4 Religious Vomit
5 Do The Slag
6 Moral Majority
7 MTV Get Off The Air
8 Life Sentence
9 Macho Rama
10 Goons of Hazzard
11 Riot / Bleed for Me
12 Nazi Punks Fuck Off
13 We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

1984 - Live On Broadway

1. Police Truck
2. Hop With the Jetset
3. A Child and His Law
4. Religious Vomit
5. Do the Slag
6. Moral Majority
7. MTV Get Off the Air
8. Life Sentence
9. Jock-O-Rama
10. Riot
11. Bleed for Me
12. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
13. We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

1985 - Frankenchrist

1. "Soup Is Good Food"
2. "Hellnation"
3. "This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)"
4. "A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch"
5. "Chicken Farm"
6. "Jock-O-Rama (Invasion of the Beef Patrol)"
7. "Goons of Hazzard"
8. "M.T.V. − Get off the Air"
9. "At My Job"
10. "Stars and Stripes of Corruption" –


1986 - Bedtime For Democracy!

1. Take This Job And Shove It
2. Hop With The Jet Set
3. Dear Abby
4. Rambozo The Clown
5. Fleshdunce
6. The Great Wall
7. Shrink
8. Triumph Of The Swill
9. Macho Insecurity
10. I Spy
11. Cesspools In Eden
12. One-Way Ticket To Pluto
13. Do The Slag
14. A Commercial
15. Gone With My Wind
16. Anarchy For Sale
17. Chickenshit Conformist
18. Where Do Ya Draw The Line
19. Potshot Heard 'Round The World
20. D.M.S.O.
21. Lie Detector


1987 - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

01 Police Truck
02 Too Drunk To Fuck
03 California Über Alles
04 The Man With The Dogs
05 Insight
06 Life Sentence
07 A Child And His Lawnmower
08 Holiday In Cambodia
09 I Fought The Law
10 Saturday Night Holocaust
11 Pull My Strings
12 Short Songs
13 Straight A's
14 Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round
15 The Prey
16 Night Of The Living Rednecks
17 Buzzbomb From Pasadena


2001 - Mutiny On The Bay

1 Introduction
2 Police Truck
3 Kill the Poor
4 Holiday in Cambodia
5 Moon Over Marin
6 California Über Alles
7 M.T.V. − Get off the Air
8 Too Drunk to Fuck
9 Goons of Hazard
10 This Could Be Anywhere
11 Forward to Death
12 I Am the Owl
13 Hellnation
14 Riot


2004 - Live At The Deaf Club

1 Introduction by DJ Johnny Walker
2 Kill the Poor (Disco Version)
3 Back in Rhodesia (Early Version of 'When Ya Get Drafted')
4 The Man with the Dogs
5 Gaslight
6 California Über Alles
7 I'll in the Head
8 Straight A's
9 Short Songs
10 Holiday in Cambodia
11 Police Truck
12 Forward to Death
13 Have I the Right?
14 Back in the USSR
15 Viva Las Vegas


2007 - Milking The Sacred Cow

1 California Über Alles
2 Police Truck
3 Kill the Poor
4 Holiday in Cambodia
5 Nazi Punks Fuck Off
6 Too Drunk to Fuck
7 Viva Las Vegas
8 Moon Over Marin
9 Halloween
10 MTV Get off the Air
11 Soup is Good Food
12 Jock-O-Rama


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elblopa dijo...

Los recuerdo en México en el salón El Rayo y el super desmadre que se armó.

vaniasix dijo...

mmmmm recuerdos recuerdos...dr. maligno etse fin tenemos q maldosiarrrr woooooooooooeeeeey

Shock dijo...

Tssss yo si soy de los que piensan que murieron despues de que salió Jello Biafra, pero de mcualquier manera nos dejaron grandes obras discográficas.